Take Care

This year has changed the way we do almost everything...

...how we shop, how we greet people, leisure activities and yes, even how and when we address health care.

In these uncertain times, getting regular health care or addressing health issues can be scary. Many of us are canceling or postponing health appointments or ignoring what could be serious issues because we don’t want to risk COVID-19 exposure. Unfortunately, in many cases, not getting prompt health care is leading to critical or even fatal results. Cayuga Health understands and wants you to know that they do everything possible to make you feel safe and comfortable when visiting your doctor or having surgery at any of their facilities.

All infection control measures are strictly followed, and safety monitoring is in place to make sure patients are safe.

Telehealth provides at-home medical appointments

Patients of Cayuga Health System, Cayuga Medical Associates, and Cayuga Health Partners can use smart phones, tablets, and computers to have online telemedicine appointments with their health care providers. The telemedicine services use high-definition video and audio links, so patients and providers hear and see each other in real time. Providers can counsel patients, assess health conditions, and develop treatment plans. Primary care physicians, specialty care providers, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants at Cayuga Medical Associates and Cayuga Health Partners participate in the telemedicine service.

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