Professional Practice Model

Care Delivery

The foundation of practice begins with care delivery, making sure patients and families remain at the center of practice. Relationship-based care (RBC) is our model of care delivery that cultivates nurses’ key relationships with patients, colleagues, and each other.

Healthy Work Environment

To find balance within the key relationships of RBC, nurses and interprofessional partners foster a caring and healing environment and have the resources required for safe, patient-centered care delivery.

Improving Outcomes

Creating and sustaining a culture of safety is vital to improving outcomes and the level of care provided to patients.


Transformational leaders provide strategic vision for nursing through leadership support and advocacy, and they empower nurses at all levels and across all settings to share in decisions that affect their practice.


Nurses are committed to lifelong learning and have opportunities for professional development. Nurses teaching and developing their peers is essential to passing the profession on to the future.

Research and Evidence-Based Practice

Clinical inquiry and evidence-based practice enables nurses to identify new knowledge, apply innovative approaches to care delivery and implement the best care for patients.


Professional recognition and valuing nurses for their contributions to the practice support professional advancement. Nurses are committed to serving patients in the community through healthcare outreach.

Nursing Practice

Demonstrating professional accountability through practice standards supports autonomous nursing practice. Advanced nursing practice demonstrates clinical expertise and encourages top-of-license practice.

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