Pain Clinic Virtual Seminar

At Cayuga Health, we are committed to providing patients the best possible treatments and customer service, especially during this time when in person interactions are limited.  

We desire to stay connected and provide education to our patients, so we are offering a FREE virtual educational event on chronic pain management and minimally invasive treatment options.  

We offer a range of non-opioid, non-surgical, and minimally invasive treatment options for chronic pain with the goal of improving function, reducing pain and potentially reducing medication intake.  

One advanced technology NOW AVAILABLE in the field of Spinal Cord Stimulation is HF10 by Nevro.

This technology is backed by rigorous clinical data showing a significant improvement in pain relief as compared to traditional spinal cord stimulation. 

If you are interested in learning more about the unique benefits of HF10, attend this unique seminar! 

Date: Wednesday, June 2nd 

Time: 6:00 pm 

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