COVID-19 Testing Data

Cayuga Health Coronavirus Tracking

The Cayuga Health coronavirus charts are updated regularly with official numbers as they are released by the Sampling Centers and Vaccination Site. We also periodically update demographic numbers as significant changes happen.

Updated 1/26/22

Non-Surge Capacity (Currently in Phase 1)

ICU Beds
Inpatient Beds
Inpatient 7 day rolling average availability

Surge Capacity (Phase 2)

ICU Beds
Inpatient Beds

Surge Capacity (Phase 3)

ICU Beds
Inpatient Beds


Critical PPE Reserve
>90 day supply

Exposure Risk Index

In order to provide you with information to help keep yourself safe during the COVID-19 pandemic, we have collaborated with the data company SafeGraph to determine risk levels based on business types.

Because more densely packed businesses and businesses where visitors linger for longer periods of time may be at higher risk for transmitting COVID-19, they used these two metrics to calculate a potential risk index for business types in the Cayuga Health System service area. This service area is comprised of Tompkins, Cortland, Chemung, Tioga, and Schuyler counties.

SafeGraph is a data company that aggregates anonymized location data from numerous applications in order to provide insights about physical places. To enhance privacy, SafeGraph excludes census block group information if fewer than five devices visited an establishment in a month from a given census block group. They use de-identified cell phone GPS location data to quantify the visitors/square feet and average duration of visits to business (in minutes).

Note: Because these traffic metrics are calculated from GPS cell phone location data, businesses that occupy just 1 floor of a multi-floor building may have artificially larger indexes because the GPS can’t easily discern between floors. This should be kept in mind when considering individual businesses.

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