Cayuga Health brings advanced robotic surgical system to the classroom

Cayuga Medical Center (CMC) is excited to announce that on Wednesday, Nov. 20, they will be taking the da Vinci Dual Xi, the latest, most advanced, robotic surgical system to TST BOCES.

The event will be from 8:30 AM –10:30 AM to demonstrate the robotic surgical system’s capabilities and benefits and to encourage high school students to consider medical career options.

Approximately 50 TST BOCES students are expected to attend the demonstration from several Career and Technical Education (CTE) classes, including Nurse Assisting and Health Occupations, Exercise Science, Computer Tech and the New Visions Health and Medical Sciences programs.

Dr. Martin Stallone, Chief Executive Officer of Cayuga Medical Center and Cayuga Health will introduce the robot and discuss how Cayuga Health is bringing advanced surgery techniques to our area. He will also discuss different medical careers and the options that are available to students after high school, right here, in Ithaca, NY.

Dr. Greg Ripich, MD, who specializes in da Vinci surgery, will demonstrate the robot and its techniques by using the Operation board game, and students will be able to ask questions throughout the process. He will review what kind of surgeries the robot works best for and the benefits of performing this kind of minimally invasive surgery.

Students will then be allowed to try out their own dexterity on the robot by undoing starburst candies and then try to play Operation moving the robot. At the conclusion of the student session Dr. Ripich, Dr. Stallone and Cindy Walter will be available for media questions and interviews.

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