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About Our Program

The Cayuga Integrated Behavioral Health Program works hand in hand with your Cayuga Health primary care provider at one of our participating sites, who will continue to manage your health. There are two types of services offered.

  • Behavioral Health Consultation
  • Collaborative Care Management

Behavioral Health Consultation

  • In-office appointments with a behaviorist
  • One to several sessions of targeted treatment
  • Assistance for a wide range of physical, emotional, and behavioral concerns that may affect your health

Collaborative Care Management

  • Several months of behavioral supports
  • For patients being treated for depression or anxiety by their primary care provider
  • A Behavioral Health Care Manager checks in with you regularly by phone or video
  • When needed, the program’s Consulting Psychiatrist may offer your primary care provider treatment suggestions

What do these services mean?

Getting short-term care from
Behavioral Health Consultation

Your provider thinks you might find it helpful to see an in-office behavioral health provider. These specialized providers can help you with many types of behavioral health concerns that impact your life. You can see these providers in the office for up to several sessions of focused care. Some areas that they can help with are:

  • Trauma
  • Substance misuse
  • Stress management
  •  Adjustment including grief/bereavement
  • Relational concerns
  • Chronic medical conditions
  • Sexual dysfunction
  • Sleep
  • Pain management

Getting extended support care from
Collaborative Care Management

If you have depression or anxiety your provider might suggest you work with a care manager who will check in with you often over the phone or through a video call. They will help you track your symptoms, provide brief treatments, and work with you to set specific goals proven to help with depression and anxiety symptoms. This program offers patients support over a longer period of time to improve their behavioral health with focused care. The program can last up to 6 months.

Paying For Your Care

The Cayuga Integrated Behavioral Health program works with major insurance companies also accepted at this primary care site. Our program tries to offer services that are affordable and accessible with most insurance plans. However, you should call your health insurance company before you start treatment to make sure your care will be covered. They will be able to tell you how much is covered by your plan and what your co-pay or co-insurance will be. If you are unable to pay your balance at one time, you may be able to set up a payment plan through your primary care practice. To discuss financial help, please call your primary care practice using the phone numbers below.

Financial Help

Call your primary care office’s number below for information about programs for people facing challenges paying their medical bills.

Cayuga Medical Associates
(607) 882-0010

Family Medicine Associates of Ithaca
(607) 277-4341

Patient Portals

Use the links below to create a patient portal. Portals allows you to view your future visits, request a visit at your doctor’s office, cancel or change a visit, and view your medical records. The portal also allows you to send messages to your provider, view your current medications, ask for refills, and see and pay a bill.

Cayuga Medical Associates

Family Medicine Associates of Ithaca

Program Locations

Cayuga Primary Care | Community Corners
905 Hanshaw Road, Suite C, Ithaca
(607) 277-2170

Family Medicine Associates of Ithaca
8 Brentwood Drive, Suite D, Ithaca
(607) 277-4341

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